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After Sales Services


We in SPACE TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM belief that customer satisfaction is prime and above all business process. To endure strong relationship with customers and dealers Space Telecommunication services has set up service center across India through its partnering organizations.

After-sales services are handled by highly professional and trained technicians with an aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction in minimum time.

* We will following your order seriously, check each details and specifications over agian with you, and test your portable disinfectant generator and other products in best condition before delivery.

* Video call for solve your problems in case of happened.

* We can send parts or even technician to your company if possible, but very few faults we would face.

After-Sales Service Support:

The ongoing support and assistance that a business provides to customers after they have purchased a product or service. It includes resolving customer complaints, offering technical support, providing maintenance services and addressing product issues or defects.

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