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Space Telecommunication System provide Smart, Simple and affordable telecommunication solutions that are adaptable to Aviation Environment. We provide aviation two-way radio options such as Ground to Air Two Way Radio Solutions, Ground-based Two-Way Radio Solutions (including vehicle and desk mounting options), Standard Two Way Digital Business Radio Solutions, Data Application to link multiple system & devices.


Construction Two Way Radio Solutions and Services will take you through every aspect of managing your build, and offer solutions for completion and the end occupier. From Site Security, Engineering, Build Services, Facilities Management and Equipment/Plant/Crane Management a Radio System can provide both on and off-site solutions for all teams involved in your Construction Project(s).

Using either individually, or with an integrated application, a construction two way radio system will allow communication and ensure every team member is contactable whether it is a lone worker requiring assistance, messages being communicated to a crane, a call to take a delivery or simply to communicate a message site wide.

School / University

We not only provide access to the right University two way radio communication products you can rely on, but we also bring enhancements that take a radio system from just a two-way radio to a multi-disciplined tool for your establishment allowing you to integrate with alarms, track staff and lone workers, open doors/gates, dispatch messages.

Space Telecommunication System offer a full Sales Service to fully support your requirement and suggest the best solution to fit your University or College campus requirements.


Events have widely dispersed staff and visitors, these calls for event two way radios offering you real-time communication to ensure everyone can be in contact. Cellular networks are often strained with sparse connectivity and can prove unreliable. Space Telecommunication can offer tailored Two-Way Radio Equipment and Solutions to help you have an immediate dialogue between staff of all levels to help your event(s) run seamlessly.

Whether you are looking for a simple back to back solution for a small festival, to a multi-tiered system for a venue or a wide area solution for a marathon, we can design, deliver and support your whole team with our event two way radio systems. Space Telecommunication offer unique, customized solutions specific to your needs that go beyond just a product and service but include technology and support.

Hospital / Healthcare

Healthcare Two Way Radio Voice & Data Communication Solutions from Space Telecommunication System create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Our integrated voice and data radio communication and application solutions can help you improve everyday processes, manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening.

Flexible and adaptable voice & data radio communication solutions include Motorola Solutions and Hytera digital two-way radios, accessories, applications, systems and supports services connecting your staff and equipment together to provide clear, secure and discreet communications

Hospitality / Resorts / Hotels

Encompassing restaurants, hotels, holiday camps and much more, the Hospitality and Leisure industry has such a vast array of businesses in various sizes, locations and venues that there is a requirement for resilient and secure two-way radio communications infrastructure that ensure both reliable connectivity and also exceptional customer service.

By introducing a radio system you can stay connected with existing systems such as alarm management to prevent false alarms & unnecessary fire brigade call-outs, track lone workers where there are blackspot issues, or utilize it as a customer service tool.– the list is endless and with our Sales Department on hand we can suggest a radio solution to fit your requirements.

Whether you have a requirement to keep staff on site in contact to carry out tasks, or multiple sites DCRS can ensure that your needs are met in their entirety, exactly as you aim to do with your guests by offering instant, discreet and efficient services.


Space Telecommunication System can provide your manufacturing plant with access to the right Voice & Data Communication Products linking your systems together to be as one. Two-Way Radio Communication Products, Laptops/PCs, Mobile Phones and Tablets will all work together giving you greater capacity to link workers across one or multiple sites. Coupled with specialized features such as Lone Worker or Job Ticketing, you will have a Multi-Disciplined tool that will increase workforce productivity.


Improve communication for staff on all levels by creating a radio communication system that offers a real-time tool and a network that you can rely on even in an emergency.

Connect everyone on your site or further afield such as; car parks, distribution, warehouses and head offices to ensure your staff are working as efficiently as possible from just one device allowing you to maintain high service levels and retain excellent customer satisfaction.

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